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Species: Spheroid
Home World: Scalpasc
Body: Animalistic
Abilities: Slime Spit
Sharp teeth
Enhanced Strength
Voice: Dee Bradley Baker
1st-appearance: Ben 10,000 (episode)

Spitter is the Codon Stream's DNA sample of a Spheroid from the planet Scalpasc.


[hide]*1 Appearance


Spitter is a green, bulbous alien. He resembles a puffer fish. He has 3 spikes sticking out the top and bottom of his head. His mouth covers mostly the upper front of him, which is filled with dull colored, pointed teeth.

Spitter wears black pants. He wears the Omnitrix and Ultimatrixsymbols on his stomach.

Powers and AbilitiesEditEdit

[3]Spitter spittingSpitter can spit out a concentrated blast of slime. The slime is very slippery, as well as to be able to be made acidic and has been shown to be highly conductive.

Spitter has sharp teeth, so a bite is very painful.

Spitter seems to have enhanced strength, as shown as how he could hold Dr. Animo with a yeti body.

Ben 10EditEdit

[4]Spitter in Ultimate Alien*Spitter first appeared in Ben 10,000, where an alternate timeline Spitter battled Dr. Animo.


Ben 10EditEdit

  • Ben 10,000 (used by Ben 10,000) (alternate timeline)
  • Ken 10 (used by Ben 10,000 and Ken) (alternate timeline)

Naming and TranslationsEditEdit

Polish: Plujka (Spitter)

Burmese: Twe gon (a play for goo)

Portuguese: Cuspidor (Spitter)

Dutch: Spuger (Spitter)

Hungarian: Köpködő (Spitting)


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